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  • Interior parts
  • Electrical Hardware, Avionics
  • Engine, Airframe
  • Over 387'000 part numbers

Find out how we make your supply chain more efficient.

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Worldwide stocking locations and customer support offices

  • Shipments to 107 countries
  • Over 1100 Operators and MRO
  • Over 500 OEM customers



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Aircraft Parts

Providing OEM, MRO, and Airlines worldwide with aircraft parts since 1946.

Supply Chain Services

We offer a range of Supply Chain Managment solutions which reduce total costs in material management.

Global Support

Worldwide stocking locations and localized customer support offices tailored to your needs.


Our online procurement portal for parts, inquiries, ordering and tracking & tracing.

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Avio-Diepen - Aircraft Parts and Supply Chain Solutions

Avio-Diepen means reliable service to more than 1100 Operators & MRO's and over 500 OEM customers in more than 100 countries. Our core business is being there with the aircraft parts our customers need, when and where they need them.

Avio-Diepen specializes in Supply Chain Management Services including the distribution of aircraft parts and components to the OEM and aftermarket. find out more about our aircraft parts portfolio and our services.

Avio-Diepen distribution centers and sales offices are located in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Sydney.