Supply Chain Innovation

Avio-Diepen is always looking for innovative ways to improve aircraft parts supply chains throughout the world. Whether it is offering the best solutions to our Airline, MRO and OEM customers, or helping part OEM's or aircraft OEM's to optimize their aftermarket support, Avio-Diepen delivers efficiency, availability, reliability, and of course aircraft parts!

Cooperation with Boeing

Avio-Diepen signed a long-term agreement as part of Boeing’s Integrated Materials Management (IMM) initiative. Through this program, Boeing and Avio-Diepen maintain an airline’s inventory of maintenance supplies, including spare parts, and provide items only as needed. By reducing the airline’s own inventory, IMM reduces an airline’s cost of doing business. IMM builds on existing materials management programs that Boeing has with several airlines, including AirTran Airways, ANA (All Nippon Airways), Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA), Japan Transocean Air, Singapore Airlines, SIAEC, Thai Airways, and SAS Technical Services . This program is the next advance in expanding Boeing’s supply chain services to provide value to both airline customers and supplier partners.

Cooperation with Airbus

In 2002 Airbus and Avio-Diepen linked their E-commerce sites allowing customers to search and order Airbus parts directly. Avio-Diepen is one of the few expendable material suppliers that was selected as a preferred distributor.

Cooperation with COMAC (SCACS)

COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Company Limited (CSACS, formerly ACAC) and Avio-Diepen signed a MOU for long-term strategic business cooperation. Both companies will jointly develop and implement a competitive worldwide aviation spare support management system to satisfy customers.

Aircraft Parts manufacturers

We work together with more than 600 suppliers of aircraft parts and have multi-year agreements with over 100 aircraft parts manufacturers. With these agreements, we make sure to provide our customers reliable Avio-Diepen services, now and in the future. We also support our suppliers with the best in powerful and efficient supply chain and e-commerce solutions.

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