Application Procedure

We believe in transparency meaning that when you apply for a position you have the right to know what happens to your application.

When you apply for a position at our company this is the procedure:

  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail
  • Our recruitment department will check if your profile matches the position in question
  • You will receive notification within two weeks
  • If you have been selected, you will be invited to an interview with a recruiter and possibly your future manager
  • An additional interview and or assessment may also be included in the selection procedure
  • Depending on the results of the initial interview, you may or may not be invited to a follow up interview
  • If the results of the interviews and assessments are positive, Avio-Diepen may offer you an employment contract or offer letter.


The job description will always mention your working location. Interviews will usually be held in the head office of the region the job would be located.