ADvalue: your ticket for an effective cost saving Supply Chain solution

Sunday, May 05, 2013


ADvalue is designed to decrease the cost of your supply chain, increase service levels and allow you to focus on your core business while doing so. “There are no simple answers to these challenges; however ten years of development have evolved ADvalue into a one stop shop supply chain solution that effectively helps Avio-Diepen’s customers to improve their efficiency. "ADvalue creates the opportunity for customers to invest more time and money in their clients and core business, which is exactly what MRO’s are asking from us today”, says Vadim Vinogradov, Vice President Client Solutions.

ADvalue can be tailored to and integrated with your processes in a way that a number of administrative and logistical operations such as inventory replenishment, order administration and your incoming invoicing process are automated and outsourced to ADvalue. The software is very easy to operate for customers. Dedicated Avio-Diepen staff manages the flow of materials remotely via Internet. ADvalue works parallel with the customer’s ERP and is capable of using EDI for direct connections.

Vadim: “At the heart of the system is the idea that an MRO organization wants to reduce the burden of inventory costs, but still must receive the materials needed for each job in the requested quantity, and in a timely fashion. They should also be conveniently packaged as well as kits for example, as kits, and delivered as near as possible to the point of use. The focus on synergy, elimination of duplicate activities and supply chain efficiency for all parties involved will put our customers in the position to focus on their core business and increase their service levels to their customers.”


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