PRESS RELEASE - Avio-Diepen is selected by Ontic

Thursday, June 05, 2014


PRESS RELEASE - Avio-Diepen is selected by Ontic for exclusive distribution, logistics, and inventory for B747 galley cartlift products

Avio-Diepen is proud to announce that Ontic has appointed Avio-Diepen as its exclusive world-wide distributor for its Goodrich Boeing 747 Galley Cart Lift product line.

Ontic supports many major OEM’s, including Goodrich, for the last 50 years by providing a guaranteed source of factory-new, OEM-pedigreed spare parts and authorized repair services for a wide range of legacy aircraft. Ontic has established a long-standing relationship with the OEM’s by adopting legacy product lines and carrying them forward for the complete and entire life of the fleet.


With over 65 years of experience in the aerospace market, Avio-Diepen brings its world class customer service, technical knowledge and operational capabilities to support customer needs and requirements. Avio-Diepen will be responsible for providing all spare parts required by our customers and will be managing the logistics and inventories, while providing reliable service and optimal availability of parts. “We are very pleased to work closely with such a reputable company such as Ontic, as they greatly complement our interior segment portfolio.” said Mr. Vincent van Campen, CEO of Avio-Diepen”


Bill Greer, Ontic’s Director of Sales and Marketing stated that, “Avio-Diepen excels at fulfilling airlines’ requirements and leads the pack with information systems that make it very easy to conduct business. Ontic is always looking for solutions to ensure that we fulfill our customers’ requirements and expectations. We are excited about our new relationship with Avio-Diepen and the level of service they will provide for our Goodrich product line.”


For more information, please contact your nearest Avio-Diepen office.


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