PRESS RELEASE - Avio-Diepen selected by Sensor Systems Inc.

Thursday, June 19, 2014



We are proud to announce that Sensor Systems Inc. has appointed Avio-Diepen as an authorized worldwide distributor of their innovative range of antennas for aerospace applications. Sensor Systems antennas can be found on most major commercial, military and business aircraft applications.

One of Sensor System’s major contributions to the industry is a patented, all-metal, one-piece-cast antenna which eliminates "P" static. It offers high electrical efficiency, greater mechanical strength and longer service life than fiberglass antennas. Another important feature of the company's products is the inclusion of D.C. grounding circuit, to provide lightning protection.


The addition of Sensor Systems products allows Avio-Diepen to add yet another high-quality product line to its wide portfolio of avionics. To ensure the shortest lead-times and to assist our customers in reducing their inventory costs, Avio-Diepen will provide worldwide stock availability of frequently used Sensor System parts.


About Sensor Systems Inc.

Sensor Systems' mission is to invent, develop, manufacture and deliver the most affordable and reliable antennas available for commercial, military and business aerospace applications.

Founded in 1961, Sensor Systems has been lead by its president, Mary E. Bazar, to become one of the largest airborne communications and navigation antenna manufacturers in the world.

Vice President Si Robin, best known for his innovative antenna designs, is responsible for introducing some of the best, cutting edge products in the industry. Thanks to this, Sensor Systems' antennas can be found on most commercial aircraft flying today.


Please visit the Sensor Systems website ( to learn more about Sensor Systems products.