Hoffmann +Krippner and Avio-Diepen

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Hoffmann +Krippner and Avio-Diepen

Avio-Diepen is proud to announce the recent signed exclusive distribution agreement between Hoffmann +Krippner and Avio-Diepen. Avio-Diepen will globally represent all aerospace related products.

This agreement will provide OEM customers with support and availability of Hoffmann+Krippner products through Avio-Diepen’s worldwide sales offices. The addition of the Hoffmann+Krippner products also allows Avio-Diepen to add another high quality product line to its wide portfolio of interior products.

The Products

- Membrane keyboards for all applications

Almost any design concept can be realized using membrane keyboards. With or without tactile feedback, rigid or flexible membrane keyboards can offer precisely the features required for a particular application.

- Complete solutions for complex input systems

Beyond the actual membrane keyboard, H+K develops, constructs and produces complete input units exactly in accordance with customer specified requirements, with for instance plastic or metal casing, electronic control and evaluation elements, display and touch screen, interfaces and software.

- Touch screen solutions

Graphic operating overlays have been a matter of course for a long time. An obvious consequence is to type what we want straight onto the display or screen. Hoffmann + Krippner can offer touch screens in any form or design; round oval, triangular - there are no design limits!


- SensoTouch® and SensoFoil® membrane potentiometers

Hoffmann + Krippner’s SensoTouch® is a freely controllable and programmable tri-axis resistive sensor controller with a variety of different applications. SensoTouch® offers new options to the product designer, as not only square, but also round, oval or even triangular input areas can be realized. This enables whole new applications that were not possible before.

Flat, wear-free and hermetically sealed: SensoFoil® membrane potentiometers from Hoffmann + Krippner are ultra-flat and very accurate linear and rotary position sensors. They can be used instead of conventional mechanical potentiometers and work as voltage dividers. In comparison to mechanical potentiometers, SensoFoil® offers significant cost advantages as well as a much longer lifecycle.

- GT technology

Innovative key domes for tactile sensation.