In the Spotlight: Actra-Close®

Thursday, December 01, 2011


Avio-Diepen is proud to present the Actra-Close® Slides to the Aircraft Interiors market.

The Actra-Close Drawer® Slides gently pull in drawers the last 1.5” of travel and dampen Actraclose1high velocity travel, reducing noise coming from galleys and stowage cabinets.

Complete Assemblies

The Actra-Close® system is now integrated on the A5210- and A5250-series Slides, enabling easy installation with the same interfaces you already use. Integration of the Actra-Close® system beneath the slide ensures full drawer extention, like you are familiar with on the A5210- and A5250-series slides.

Modification Kits

Offer the Actra-Close® System for Galleys and Stowages that are already in operation, using the A53105 Actra-Close® Modificiation Kit. This kit will allow you to improve Galleys and Stowages, without the need for extensive certification activities (the original slides remain installed).

Improve your drawer installation designs now and contact your local Avio-Diepen representative for drawings and our competitive offer.

Click here (link to brochure) for additional information.