Friday, February 10, 2012



We are proud to announce that SCHROTH Safety Products has appointed Avio-Diepen as a full-line distributor of its commercial aircraft products.

“In representing SCHROTH, we are taking another valuable step forward in supplying safety products and spare parts from stock, reducing the total costs for customers with commercial aircraft.” said Mr. Vincent van Campen, President of Avio-Diepen.

Martin Nadol, Head of Programs at SCHROTH Safety Products’ facility in Arnsberg/Germany added: "We are very pleased to sign the distribution agreement with Avio-Diepen. With Avio-Diepen’s extensive distribution network, advanced e-commerce channels and value adding services, our goal is to satisfy the market’s ever-growing demand for high quality aviation safety products and services.

SCHROTH Safety Products is a leading global designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art occupant restraint systems and offers a wide assortment of products ranging from lap belts up to 5-point systems. The product range includes the brand-new SCHROTH AirLite passenger lap belt whose ultra-light design allows commercial airlines to substantially reduce the total cost of ownership for their passenger lap belts and to realize significant fuel savings. The entire range of products is now available through Avio-Diepen. The addition of the SCHROTH product line also allows Avio-Diepen to add another high-quality product line to its wide portfolio of interior products.

About SCHROTH Safety Products

SCHROTH Safety Products has been supplying state-of-the-art safety belts and occupant restraint systems to almost all major airplane and helicopter manufacturers since 1991. More than 40 years of experience in dynamic testing and a constant flow of innovations have made SCHROTH one of the most successful global suppliers of restraint systems and other safety equipment for the aerospace, defense, and automotive industry. SCHROTH Safety Products operates manufacturing and engineering facilities in Arnsberg / Germany and in Pompano Beach / Florida.

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