Changes in Aviation Security Rules in EU

Friday, February 15, 2013


Please be aware that as of April 30st this year the security checks of all Air Cargo at the European Airports will be intensified up to 100% in order to match the stricter Aviation Security Rules as laid out in EU regulation EC no.300/2008. Delays at the airport and extra costs can be expected.

As Known Consigner we save you time and money
Avio-Diepen anticipated on these new rules and has adapted its logistics according to the new EU guidelines to save time and money for our customers. Authorized and registered by the EU as a ‘Known Consigner’ Avio-Diepen is allowed to handle your shipment under special regime and authorization of the EU-Aviation Security Rules which means that all shipments leaving Avio-Diepen are safeguarded and may bypass the stringent security check, provided that your forwarder is qualified as a ‘Known Forwarder’ and is registered as such in the EU-database.

Known Forwarder
The transport from Avio-Diepen to the airport agent must be ‘safe’ as well in order to bypass the security checks. This means your forwarder must be qualified and registered as a ‘Known Forwarder’. In order to prevent possible delays and extra costs as of April 1, 2013, we strongly advise you to contact your forwarder and investigate if they comply with the new standard for ‘Known Forwarder’ as per April 30th, 2013.

More information?
You’ll find more detailed information at We also invite you to contact your Avio-Diepen account manager if you need more information.