Tax Authorities agreement

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Dutch Tax Authorities establish agreement with Avio-Diepen

The Dutch Tax Authorities and Avio-Diepen have signed a mutual agreement for horizontal supervision. This relatively new approach of the tax authorities changes the IRS supervision strategy from repressive to preventive. The idea is that Avio-Diepen assumes all responsibilities and can provide the IRS a complete and actual overview of all tax matters at all times. Therefore the IRS can reduce its supervision.

CFO Rodolph Italianer:” This agreement is in line with Avio-Diepen’s compliance objectives and social responsibility in fiscal affairs and is a great achievement for us. Setting a new level of standards, Avio-Diepen is one of the first organizations in the Aviation branch who has been selected for this horizontal supervision program of the IRS.

This agreement has been signed by Mr. Eric de Leeuw (Customer Coordinator) and Mr. Henk Scholte Albers (Management Team Member of the IRS Den Haag Office) on behalf of the IRS as well as by Avio-Diepen’s president Vincent van Campen. The agreement confirms a relationship of mutual trust, understanding and openness between the IRS and Avio-Diepen.
Eric de Leeuw: “These are important principles for effective and efficient cooperation. Openness in tax matters makes it possible for the IRS to adapt and monitor Avio-Diepen’s situation and position in fiscal matters. This agreement is a mutual responsibility of both parties. Corporate tax returns will be executed in time and error free. Therefore the risks of costly corrections afterwards are minimized.”

In preparation of this agreement the IRS has reviewed Avio-Diepen’s financial and administrative processes and procedures and has concluded that Avio-Diepen is sufficiently prepared to be self reliant in fiscal matters.

Since the agreement has been signed, Avio-Diepen will now work towards further improving its tax control framework and will apply sample testing later this year.  

For more information please contact:

Rodolph Italianer, Avio-Diepen
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