Avio-Diepen expands warehouse capacity in Australia

Thursday, April 11, 2013


The markets in Asia Pacific are still emerging and showing promising growth. Many of our customers have increased their business activities in this region. AD-HK, Avio-Diepen’s office in Hong Kong, is very well connected and General Manager Stephen Mok, reports remarkable growth.

Stephen: "We see that more and more suppliers choose to outsource their spare parts support services to Avio-Diepen in order to enhance their service level to customers in the Australia and Oceana region. Through excellent delivery performance, periodical POS reporting, e-commerce sales power, flexibility and fast response, we prove to our business partners that Avio-Diepen is best positioned to offer world class spare parts distribution. Offering Avio-Diepen’s service to customers such as Quantas and Air New Zealand, does improve customers experience and customers satisfaction in these regions. To satisfy the demand from both suppliers and customers, Avio-Diepen has decided to set up a stocking location in Sydney (nearby Qantas’ Supply Chain operations) and did this with amazing speed. In less than a month our brand new warehouse was up and running. The AD-HK team is looking forward to operationally support more suppliers’ regional customers with aircraft products
and services."