Electricals & Avionics Parts

Avio-Diepen offers a vast range of Electrical products ranging from Line Replaceable Units (LRU’s) to Electrical Hardware. Our extensive and varied portfolio meets the needs of both OEM and Aftermarket customers.


Electrical Interconnect

In our electrical interconnect product group you will find Connectors, including Backshells, Contacts, qualified to Mil-spec, Arinc 404, 600, 809, 810 and many other specifications.In addition, we offer a wide variety of Clamps, Tie-wraps, custom length Electrical Wire & Cable, Cable- Protection and the required tools.




Avionics, Sensors, Switches and Cockpit

Avio-Diepen holds stock for many products used in the Cockpit, ranging from Lighted Panels to LCD Screens, Communication Control Panels, Cockpit Switches, Circuit Breakers, Headsets and more.
The Avionics portfolio ranges from Batteries, Chargers, Trays and Racks, Shock Mounts, to Antenna’s. We can also supply you with customized sub-assemblies in order to save time and reduce your costs.




Aircraft lamps and lighting

Avio-Diepen helps many MRO’s and airlines coordinate and manage their complete list of aircraft lighting product needs with a complete comprehensive portfolio that ranges from halogen lighting products to the latest in LED lighting technology and applications for the entire aircraft nose to tail. Our lighting product group consists of quality manufacturers such as Oshino, Honeywell, Amglo, Goodrich Lighting (UTC Aerospace Systems), and CML (Chicago Miniature Lamps), Wamco and more.