Engine & Airframe Parts

From a full range of air, fuel and hydraulic filters to rod assemblies; from clamps to engine actuators, our complete inventory of parts and assemblies is at your disposal.

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Engines and APU

To support the development, manufacture and repair of Engines and APU’s Avio-Diepen offers a wide range of expendable and consumable parts. The products supplied range from piece parts to complete end-units.

Our product offering consists of many parts used on all major engine platforms. Avio-Diepen also supports major Engine MRO's with customized kits for engine components.


Through our contracted suppliers we offer a complete range of mechanical, fluid and gas control products as well as many others. Besides this we offer OEM products for all periodic checks you are planning.

Avio-Diepen supports your manufacturing and maintenance activities by providing you our superb products and services.