Amglo Kemlite Laboratories

Amglo Kemlite Laboratories

ATA: 33

CAGE: 1XB50, 70558


Amglo's growing list of aircraft lamps are manufactured to withstand the extreme weather conditions faced on airport runways and navigation systems. Amglo has been manufacturing specialty lamps since 1935 and remains committed to designing and manufacturing products for industries with special requirements. In the United States, Amglo is a direct contractor of lamps to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Many of Amglo's products are utilized in numerous aircrafts around the world. Lamps are sold with certificates of conformance and/ or manufacturers 8130-3 TAG. Amglo’s facility is registered with the FAA and in compliance with FAR21.303(h).

Reduce Your Maintenance Costs!

Aircraft lamps are exposed to extreme climatic and vibration conditions, which can result in short life expectancy and frequent lamp change-outs. Amglo Kemlite addresses this problem head on and introduced products that greatly enhanced lamp performance on aircraft. Over the past years Amglo’s exterior aircraft lamps have gained significant market acceptance as Amglo has updated many of the outdated incandescent designs to halogen technology.

Aircraft Landing Lights / Halogen Landing Lights
• Amglo is heavily involved in the design of next generation landing light systems to use (filament – less) metal
halide lamps that will increase reliability and safety in the years to come.
• Try the Amglo brand, ask us for Amglo’s improved Q4559X and Q4635 technology.
Aircraft Logo Lights
• If you haven’t yet ordered Amglo’s Q4713 as a replacement for the 4713 or Q4626 logo light as a replacements
for the 4626, give it a try and keep your tail light lit!
Aircraft Exterior Navigation Lights
• Try one of the following lights 1924X, 1970X, 1978X & 9203.

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