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Ancra-Lock Quick-Install Fitting Systemancra1_9

To comply with the growing need for rapid reconfiguration of aircraft, the new
Ancra Lock Tool-Less Fitting system can save significant hours in the installation
and/or reconfiguration process. The system meets Boeing’s (16G) tool-less seat
fitting requirements.

To install, place fitting into the seat track, slide forward about half an inch, and press
the foot pedal to lock in place.

To remove, a simple push tool releases the detent pin and the fitting is moved aft to disengage the track.

Seat fittings

• Engineered to FAA’s stringent requirements
• Forged fitting manufactured for high strength and low cost

Specialty fittings

Ancra has a wide variety of fittings designed to meet all airworthiness requirements
• Panel & stanchion fittings; To meet all your diverse mounting requirements
for galleys and partitions to seat tracks and monuments such as wardrobes
and lavatories.
• Flush fittings; Low profile track fittings that allow versitile-mounting points on
Ancra seat track.

Seat belt shackles

Unique designed seatbelt fastening system to ensure that passenger seat belts are confidently held in place at an affordable price.

Anchor plates & track

• Anchor plates are an ideal way to support single location fastening of nets, straps
or other equipment.
• Tracks provide fastening support throughout the cabin and are available in
different finishes and strengths: medium- and heavy duty.

Nets & Straps

• Cargo nets with exceptional quality
• Designed to meet your specifications
• Made from only the finest materials, with or without mounting hardware
• Treated for extra strength and durability, abrasion-resistent
• Ancra straps are versatile and reliable for securing a wide range of cargo

Net & strap components

• Specially manufactured hardware components to ensure that your load is
• Snap-Latches
• Hooks
• Tie down fittings

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