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Korry Electronics

ATA: 20, 25, 31, 33, 52

CAGE: 81590, 15084

Esterline Control & Communication System - Korry electronics


Avio-Diepen offers the largest selection and the fastest delivery of high-performance LED interface products in the aerospace industry. As a matter of fact, Avio-Diepen supplies the majority of all switches and indicators for both Airbus and Boeing aircraft. No matter who you are, we have the switches for you!

Avio-Diepen is a worldwide distributor for Korry products and an effective means in helping you identify the right products for all your Boeing and Airbus applications. We can replace any switch or indicator currently supplied by Eaton or ECE. Avio-Diepen also supplies all Airbus and Boeing Korry switches from its global warehouses making the installation process less complicated and more cost effective .

Avio-Diepen offers the most complete range and highest worldwide stock levels of Esterline Control & Communication Systems (Korry Electronics) switches and indicators for commercial aerospace. 


  • Boeing and Airbus incandescent and LED Indicators & Switches
  • Cockpit switches, controls and indicators
  • High Performance Displays.



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