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Hoffmann + Krippner

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Aircraft Passenger Control Units (PCU):
Turnke y solutions for seat manufacturers including system development Hoffmann+Krippner2

Hoffmann + Krippner is your partner for the complete development of customized Passenger Control Units (PCU) for aviation and other forms of transportation.

For many years, Hoffmann + Krippner has gained know-how and engineering expertise for complex projects and has developed turnkey solutions for many airlines world-wide. Hoffmann + Krippner is now a market leader for customized aircraft seat control units.

Hoffmann + Krippner products & services include:

• Development of customized turnkey PCUs
• Software development and system integrationHoffmann+Krippner1
• Production of fully customized PCUs including keypads, electronics
and enclosures
• Development of customized CAN BUS protocol
• Complete documentation, certification and testing based on
Airbus and Boeing specifications
• Full quality control management and documentation
• Rapid Prototyping

Hoffmann + Krippner Passenger Control Units are to be found on board of some of the finest carriers in the world, among them American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Qatar Airways, Austrian Airlines and many more.

Contact us today and let us develop your customized Passenger Control
Unit (PCU) for your aircraft seat, train seat or bus seat.

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