HR Smith (Technical Developments) Limited

HR Smith (Technical Developments) Limited

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HR Smith (Technical Development)


HR Smith (Technical Developments) manufactures electrostatic dischargers for complete noise quietening on all types of aircraft platforms and designs. In addition to its range of Static Dischargers for all aircraft platforms, from General Aviation aircraft to Commercial Airliners to fast jet applications, HR Smith (Technical Developments) manufactures a complete range of airborne antennas for fixed and rotary wing platforms, suitable for both civil and military applications.



  • Electrostatic Dischargers

In addition to its range of conventional aluminium cast dischargers with composite rods HR Smith has pioneered a range of all plastic dischargers with the introduction of the revolutionary Type "T" Advanced Electrostatic Discharger. This type of discharger is manufactured from advanced thermo-set plastics and offers a number of advantages over the conventional design. These include less weight, improved noise resistance, lightning strike resistance and low cost of ownership, all this while bringing tomorrow's technology to today's aircraft. Avio-Diepen will focus on the static dischargers used in Commercial Aviation.
The product range consists of around 20 PN’s, covering all applications on Boeing and Airbus and most regional Jets.