ATA: 25

CAGE: K9075

Ipeco Holdings Ltd

Ipeco seats are designed to meet the latest certification standards for structural performance and occupant injury protection in compliance with EASA and FAA requirements for both Part 25 and Part 23 applications. Ipeco offers technically advanced products which provide proven ergonomic benefits for long term comfort and reduction of fatigue on the longest of flights or operational duty cycles. Electrically powered or manually adjustable vertical and horizontal positioning can be provided; both offering exceptional reliability, quality of movement and ease of use. The application of medical research and anthropomorphic data has led to the incorporation of fully contoured pan and back cushions and a full range of adjustment features including, thigh angle, horizontal and vertical lumbar, headrest rotation, armrest angle and recline angle. This combined with Ipeco’s unique full upper seat tilt feature provides a true resting position accommodating a large variation of occupant sizes.



  • Flight Deck Seating