Oshino Lamps

Oshino Lamps

ATA: 25, 33

CAGE: S3774, C7177

Manufacturing lamps for aerospace applications since 1931

As one of the top lamp suppliers in Aviation industry, Oshino lamps have been adopted over 50 years by Boeing. The application is from interior, such as panels/switches in cockpit and signs/displays in cabin to exterior, such as wing tip. Recently Oshino extended their exterior applications with the introduction of sealed beam lamps that used in aircraft landing, taxi and logo lights.
Oshino’s quality lamps that have passed the globally recognized standard – MIL SPEC, which is said to be the severest in the world.
Found in switches, radios, and backlights for gauges, Oshino's lamps support pilots and passengers of aircraft from major manufacturers around the world. Many Oshino lamps are also included on the US government’s approved parts list. A proven track record over the last 30 years has brought Oshino to the point where there components are currently used in the cockpit lighting, panels, and switch backlighting of major airliners, helicopters, and other aircraft.
Which lamp would you trust on your aircraft?
A genuine Oshino OL lamp, original OEM equipment.

  • Qualified by OEM - Using approved lamps maintains the integrity of the original equipment.
  • Stable light intensity from lot to lot - New lamps match existing lamps for consistent panel and cockpit lighting and improved pilot ergonomics.
  • ISO-9001 and QS-9000 certified - Complete part documentation means quick traceability.
  • Long life under shock and vibration - Top quality materials and processes, such as heat treated highest grade filaments, increase reliability and reduce replacement costs.

The bottom line: higher quality illumination at lower cost in the long run due to reduced maintenance.

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