R & B Electronics

R & B Electronics

ATA: 20, 24, 25

CAGE: 1N1A7, 1GK47

R&B Electronics


R&B Electronics is a manufacturer that specializes in electro-mechanical assemblies such as electric grounding assemblies, connector accessories, diode assemblies, resistor assemblies, grounding jumpers, flexible bus bars, and terminal links used in the aerospace industry for both commercial and industrial use..



  • MS27212, AS27212 Electrical Terminal Boards
  • MS18029 Electrical Covers and Assemblies
  • MS18029 Type L Electrical Covers and assemblies
  • MS3373 Nut Insulation Strips
  • MS25226 Terminal Links
  • Electrical Aircraft Grounding Plugs, Adapters, Clamps, Receptacles