Radiant Power Corp.

Radiant Power Corp.

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Seat Control SystemRadiant1

The Radiant Power Seat Control System provides you with a highly efficient system that will integrate into any seat configuration. Their ability to customize the unit specifically for your seating application for both it and functionality makes the Radiant Seat Control System the perfect fit for your company’s controller needs.

The Seat Control System incorporates major advances in EMI control and safe operation. The designs use DC drive instead of PWM to reduce theRadiant2 emissions. The systems support both brushed and brush less DC (BLDC) motor actuators. BLDC actuators are inherently non-arcing, and therefore are permitted to operate while passenger emergency oxygen systems are in use. BLDC systems also do not exhibit the dirt and wear of brushed motors.


Lumbar Comfort SystemRadiant3

Applying the latest technologies available, Radiant Power Corp. introduces an improved version of Lumbar Comfort Technology. This reliable system features an ultra slim design and lightweight control module, which can be easily integrated into virtually any backrest design with minimal attachment requirements.



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