SFS Intec

SFS Intec

ATA: 25, 53

CAGE: DM498, FAPE3, 80205, F6198, F5472

Latches+keepers Latch
Latches & keepers Latch
panel brackets Splitline-Bracket
Panel Brackets Splitline Bracket
New Product2 New product1
and Barrels
Lightweight Fasteners

SFS Intec is a global development partner

manufacturer and supplier of precision cold formed components,
special fasteners and mechanical fastening elements.

Optimised handling

Many of our products support simplified assembly and later de-assembly,
with the minimum use of tools and optimised handling. This has a positive impact on cost-effectiveness throughout the entire value-added chain.

Developing new products

In developing any new product, component weight is always one of our central considerations. Comprehensive engineering solutions include the right choice of material, where only the best will do.

Fastening systems

Fastening systems do have an enormous influence on acoustics.
Only by using the appropriate products can acoustic de-coupling be achieved. Annoying noises and vibrations are absolutely minimised.

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