TE Deutsch

TE Deutsch

ATA: 20, 24, 72

CAGE: F1983, F8410

Deutsch (TE Connectivity)

For more than 50 years, DEUTSCH has been one of the leading manufacturers of connectors for aerospace. Both electronics and mechanics sciences enable us to develop technologies that help to keep aircraft operating at peak performance.
Since the beginning Compagnie Deutsch’s main market is the Mil/Aero market which is focused on the design and use of high technology and for this Compagnie Deutsch has always developed innovating solutions in connector and electric signals communication, power, high frequencies, data bus or optic.


Connector specifications (o.a.):

  • NAS1599
  • M38999
  • M83723








For signal, power, coax, crimp, PCBtail, solder bucket, EvoPort™ ready termination, fibre, quadrax, etc
Contact specifications o.a. EN3155, M39029, NSA-series







  • ASN(E)-spec
  • M83536-spec