ATA: 23, 25

CAGE: 0LWJ2, 0RDV3, F9111, F0052, K0385

Avio-Diepen is proud to offer a large portfolio of Thales aerospace parts including In-flight Entertainment and Avionics.

Thales Avionics

Cage: F9111, K0385

Avio-Diepen is authorized distributor of Thales Avionics materials for the Americas market.
We carry one of the largest stocks of SRU’s and Piece parts, close to our customers around the globe. We can offer our customers in the Americas additional services and advantages.

Thales Avionics is a global leader in electronic equipment for aircraft, supplying avionic suites and systems to major aircraft manufacturers. We provide our customers with the full range of equipment, subsystems and systems for flight control, navigation, communication and surveillance for aircraft including helicopters.

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Thales In-flight Entertainment (IFE).

Cage: 0LWJ2, 0RDV3, F0052

Avio-Diepen is authorized distributor of Thales IFE Legacy (D&M series) spare parts, LRU as well as SRU’s.
Our customers around the globe benefit from our large stock of Thales Legacy spare parts at competitive prices.

Thales IFS has nearly 60 world airlines customers. There are close to 1500 TopSeries systems purchased with more than 120 entering revenue service each year. Their product and service offering is an end-to-end solution that supports our customers before, during and after each flight.

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