CAGE: F7917



THERMOCOAX, an Airbus Tier One Supplier, has over 50 years experience in thermal solutions and temperature measurement and has manufacturing plants located in France, Germany and the USA.

Avio-Diepen will focus on the range of products used on the Airbus platform.



  • Negacoax Overheat Sensors


THERMOCOAX developed the NEGACOAX sensors, a unique overheat and fire detector based on mineral insulated cable technology.

This type of sensor is used for the early detection of overheating and fires on aircraft, and is available for a range of alarm temperatures, from 104°C up to 400°C.These sensors are used on bleed air in the wings, along the pylon, around the APU and gas turbine. This technology is already used on civil and military aircraft as MD, Global Express, A340, SAAB2000 and Jaguar.