Supply Chain Efficiency

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All parts packed to efficiently complete a job

Imagine all of your parts sequentially packed to efficiently support each repair job. Wouldn’t you welcome
the convenience and benefits of this time and money saving solution?

One Unique Part Number representing multiple parts and multiple suppliers would greatly increase your overview
and organization. As a MRO or Airline, you understand that time is money. Why should you spend your time searching for and ordering multiple loose parts from various suppliers and spend valuable internal resources when you can order complete kits from Avio-Diepen?


Avio-Diepen offers a variety of fully customized kits because
“not all repair jobs are the same.”

When working with kits, your mechanic receives one labeled package sealed and bar-coded for a complete “job”. All parts are of course traceable while smart packaging allows for easy and efficient handling.

Advantages of Kitting:

  • Reduced Logistics Cost: Multiple parts & suppliers in one kit.
  • Improved Operations Efficiency: All parts for a job come in one package.
  • Reduce Workload at Procurement: One PO instead of multiple.
  • Optimization of Inventory Management: Improved availaibility of parts; reduced number of active PNs.
  • Optimization of Warehouse Management: Reduced number of SKUs.
  • All parts fully traceable: For your convenience, all documents and certificates are archived by Avio-Diepen and are available upon request.

Each of these advantages will increase with the number of kit components


If you would like more information about kitting and what it can do for your company please contact us.

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