Invest in quality of your suppliers versus quantity


Fewer vendors means more options

Having exactly the right part available exactly when you need it requires MRO’s and airlines to work with many vendors. Introducing ADone; One of Avio-Diepen’s many highly effective supply chain solutions.

With our current supplier base of over 600 manufacturers from which we can source any part you might need within the shortest time frame, and of course do not forget our mega assortment of parts for every job and diverse budgets. Avio-Diepen offers global coverage and top service with accuracy and precision for your complete bill of materials. Customers will benefit from ADone's cost savings as it consolidates purchase volume from multiple customers and allows the economy scale work for them. As a result, ADone gives customers more time to better manage their suppliers and focus on other critical activites.

ADone Benefits:

  • Reduced Logistics, procurement, and administrative costs while making use of Avio-Diepen’s global logistics network
  • Advantage of Scale: The customer parts demand will be combined with Avio-Diepen’s global part demand
  • All parts fully traceable: All Documents and Certificates managed and can be provided by Avio-Diepen
  • Make use of 67 years of aerospace demand forecasting and stock management expertise




Our qualified team can provide you with a customized business case calculation
for your organization.

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