Intergrated Full Material Management Solution


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Invest in quality of your suppliers versus quantity


ADvalue is Avio-Diepen’s proprietary inventory management solution, which will dramatically
reduce inventory carrying cost and improve turn-around-time. First introduced in 2002 to support CFM56 and CF6 engine components maintenance shops, ADvalue is designed to take costs out of your supply chain.

ADvalue combines the principles of Vendor Managed Inventory and Just-In-Time Delivery to bring down inventory carrying cost and materials handling time and shorten “time to invoice”, it automates and streamlines routine administrative operations such as stock planning and monitoring, ordering, material handling, and invoicing. With ADvalue supporting
your operations, you can do more with the same number of employees, thus allowing greater resources flexibility and reducing adverse effects of demand fluctuations on your business.

VMI Inventory

  • Payment after consumption
  • Improves your cash flow
  • Allows for return of unused materials
  • No obsolescence risk


Improved Availability

  • Instant availability of pre-defined parts
  • Adapted to customer operations and BOMs
  • Improved replenishment time

Process Optimization

  • Frees up internal resources for value added activities
  • Increases Productivity
  • Kitting in line with your manuals
  • Real-time work order visibility


Our qualified team can provide you with a customized business case calculation
for your organization.

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