Our innovative and realtime connections to the market place

Avio-Diepen continuously invests in IT capabilities such as BI (Business Intelligence), and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to offer our customers and suppliers improved insight of material flows and demand forecasting or to create connections between e-channels or ERP systems.

Next to traditions means of communication Avio-Diepen is connected to many electronic channels:


  • ADcommerce

Avio-Diepen’s online portal for realtime pricing and stock availability, order placement and Tracking & Tracing. For details on how to sign-up, please click here.


  • Airbus Spares Portal

We are connected to the Airbus Material Spares website http://spares.airbus.com for a wide variety of Airbus expendables. Airline price or stock inquiries made in the Airbus Spares Website are answered in realtime (XML) by Avio-Diepen’s system.


  • Aeroxchange

Customers of aeroxchange (www.aeroxchange.com) can make inquiries on our pricing (realtime, XML) and can place SPEC2000 orders at Aeroxchange, which will automatically be received in our ERP system .



This global airline communication system enables us to communicate directly and efficiently with airline personnel and computer systems. The SITA network is also used for real time connections between the different Avio-Diepen locations.


  • SPEC2000

Avio-Diepen is on-line with airlines around the world via SPEC2000 XML as well as the traditional type B messaging. We receive stock, pricing and requests and can invoice these airlines and MRO's electronically, which saves customers time and money. In addition, customer orders are entered directly into our computer system without anyone interfering.


  • CPDB / ATA Aviation Marketplace

Issues individual price files (ATA200, SPEC2000, etc, formats) as well as listing pricing and/or availability on the Central Procurement Data Base.Customers can inquire pricing via the ATA Market place (www.spec2000.com).


  • Inventory Locator Service (ILS)

Avio-Diepen shows its inventory per main region in ILS. (www.ilsmart.com).


  • PartsBase.com

Avio-Diepen was the first company to link with PartsBase realtime via XML interfacing, offering PartsBase customers access to parts, stock as well as customer specific pricing. (www.partsbase.com).